Welcome to this complete guide on flanges by Navneet Metal Corporation. We are a leading, high-quality flanges manufacturer and supplier, considering how critical is the role played by these components in great industries. We break down all the different types of flanges and their applications along with the advantages they accrue to help make great decisions for your project.

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What is Flange?

A flange is a plate mechanical gadget in the form of a plate, mechanic ring, or ring of steel that is utilized to connect mechanical pipe tools, valves, and other things connected via a piping system. It enables easy access for cleaning, inspection, and alteration. Flanges can be obtained in different sizes and materials according to what is needed for industrial applications.

Types of Flanges

1. Stainless Steel Flanges These flanges have a long tapered with preferred hub dimensions to give maximum strength.

  • Application : Well-suited for high-pressure and high-temperature applications.
  • Benefits : Tapered hub allows easy alignment, meanwhile reducing any buildup of the stress concentration at the base of the flange.

2. Inconel Flanges Inconel Flanges are slipped over the pipe and then welded both inside and outside.

  • Application : Generally applied in low-pressure scenarios in which cost is a major concern.
  • Advantage : Easily installed and located, making them a low-cost solution.

3. Hastelloy Flanges These flanges do not have a bore and are used to close off the ends of piping systems.

  • Application : Pressure test and inspection.
  • Advantage : It can be used to section off a part of a piping system without requiring a valve.

4. Socket Weld Flanges Designed with a socket where the pipe is inserted and then welded.

  • Application : Excellent for small diameters where pressure and transport.
  • Advantage : Offers a straight bore and superior flow properties.

5. Duplex / Super Duplex Flanges These flanges are used with stub ends and rotate freely around the pipe.

  • Application : It is used where frequent dismantling is necessary.
  • Advantage : Allows easy alignment and reduces the overall cost of the piping system.

6. Copper Nickel Flanges These flanges possess internal threads and are screwed to the pipe.

  • Application : Suitable for low-pressure, non-critical applications.
  • Benefits : Simple to install because no welding is involved, therefore ideal for putting up in places where welding can take place.

7. Orifice Flanges These are the special purpose flanges used along with orifice meters for measurement of flow rates of gas and liquid flow.

  • Applications : Widely used within oil and gas for flow measurement.
  • Advantages : Provides a way to measure the flow rate accurately.
Flange Applications

Flanges are important installations in very many industries including:

  • Oil and Gas - Oil and gas transport; is used in pipelines for transporting in a secure and effective method.
  • Petrochemical - used for moving recommended chemicals and sustaining the system integrity.
  • Water Treatment - Used in piping systems for water purification and distribution.
  • Power Generation - Vital to the creation process of power plants and distribution systems.
  • Pharmaceuticals - Clean and contamination-free transfer of materials.
  • Railway - Vital in railway systems for connecting and securing pipes and other components in fuel, water, and air systems.
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Durability and Reliability We produce our flanges using premium materials, assuring long-term performance in even the most aggressive applications.

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Why Navneet Metal Corporation

At Navneet Metal Corporation, we are firmly committed to quality. Being a trusted manufacturer and supplier of Flanges, we provide:

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Flanges find importance as an essential part of most industrial practices, giving a secure and dependable fashion to attach piping systems. We offer a broad spectrum of flanges at Navneet Metal Corporation to cater to the enigmatic necessities of our valued clients. Contact us to understand more about our products and how we can help you with your project. For further information.

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